Sweet Charity: Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign is Back
Tim Hortons’ Annual Smile cookie campaign is back to bring even more smiles to communities across Canada. Starting Monday, September 12th, for one week, Tim Hortons guests can purchase a freshly baked chocolate chunk Smile Cookie for $1 at all Brockville locations. For this Smile Cookie Campaign, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Intensive Care Unit at the Brockville General Hospital to purchase a new external pacemaker. The simple act of buying a Smile Cookie for $1 will have a direct impact on our community, not a dollar better spent!
The Smile Cookie campaign started in 1996 to help raise funds for the Hamilton Children’s Hospital in Ontario and has grown to become a major fundraising event at Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada. With blue eyes and a pink smile, the Smile Cookie has become an iconic symbol of the commitment of Tim Hortons guest and restaurant owners to strengthen their communities. 100 percent of Tim Hortons Smile cookie sales support more than 350 local charities across Canada.

Brockville General Hospital's Chief of Staff, Dr. David Goldstein prescribes a smile cookie for what ails you.

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